Meeting Scheduler For B2B Events
Be more productive with eMeeting!

No need to waste numerous hours in scheduling the meetings anymore. It’s the time to say good bye to those endless efforts – analyzing the list of potential attendees, setting up calls, adding meetings to the calendar and sending invitation to the attendees. All these hassles can be dealt smartly with eMeeting.

Whether you are a buyer, seller, participant or a host of any corporate event, eMeeting enables you to schedule the appointments. Having this software facilitates you to feature sponsors, partners and provides statics for scrutinizing the entire scheduling process. eMeeting is designed to cater to rising needs of the clients and there is not technical set-up required to run it. Just import the database and start scheduling meetings. It supports multiple languages to make the things even easier and smooth for you.

Our Meeting Scheduler Can Manage

  • B2B meetings, Buyers-meet-sellers events, and Conferences
  • All the Participants with Professional Profile
  • Face-to-face & Personal Meetings
  • Selecting Meeting Locations
  • Fixed or Flexible Meeting Locations

Technical services and support

We offer a comprehensive package with eMeeting and it includes –
  • Application association (schedule, categories, meeting location supervisor, sponsors)
  • Hosting & Server supervising
  • Protected database and support
  • 24*7 exceptional technical support

EMeeting Scheduler Main Benefits

For event organizers
  • It helps in making more connections with an incorporated scheduling platform
  • Field-proven meeting scheduling solutions
  • Meetings are added to everyone’s calendars
  • Statistics are accessible through PDF to supervise the scheduling process
  • Features to edit, view and delete the participants from the list
  • Choice of multiple languages
  • Up to 50% time savings
  • Boost in conversion rates & sales
  • Higher customer satisfaction

For event participants

The participants can –

  • Ask for appointments through tailored messages
  • Accept, arrange and refuse meeting requests
  • Show the availability to other participants and event organizers
  • Create, edit and manage personal and professional profiles
  • Control the schedules
  • Analyze, search and filter the list of participants
  • Avoid conflicting meetings